Thursday, December 31, 2009

Renung sejenak..

"This is written by a non-muslim who i think is better than me"

Dear Tun,

1. For god sake, why you have to refer to Hindu statues. Are we Hindus that much of problem to you(or other Malaysians), for something Swiss did you need to refer to Hindu to prove your case.

2. Swiss stop minarets, so what is the big deal, here in Malaysia our Ex-Umno (or should I say the late Md.Zakaria) STOP (after MPK given written approval on the original plan) Klang-Hindus building their temple in Klang. You were the PM then. Only after we reduce the size to much smaller once the MPK allowed to build. Then they upgrade one of the masjid near this temple. (using public fund) to be taller and bigger then this temple. We did not cry and nothing exploded.

3. I like Islam teaching, because it's shows how to be GOOD. But you see the Muslim in Malaysia is not following the teaching of Islam. In Quran already stated clearly, "DO NOT TALK BAD OF OTHER RELIGION". You just search YuoTube, how many Muslim experts talk bad and make funny of Hindu. Still noting exploded.

4. In Malaysia, jet engine can get loss, screw driver can be purchase for Rm10K, new stadium can collapses in less then 1-year, gov-projects can have cost-run by billion. All this will be justified and STILL nothing exploded.

Dear, Tun, I can list 1000 of issues, but I rather not to talk to Muslim follows who "THINK" they are following Islam teaching. Islam does not allow corruption, but in Malaysia corruption is number 1. Today morning, one police man took Rm10 from me for not packing in correct place. Rm10 is the value of Islam teaching this guy had.

So, my Muslim friends, you are blessed within one of the well documentation teaching, please follow it. And slowly more and more will follow it.

You are letting other to take you for ride, when you stick to your path, other will sooner or latter follow you.

Happy New Year.

What a shame..To be teach about our religion by non-muslims..

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